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How Jack London's Dream Project Became His Worst Nightmare:

New Jack London's Before Adam Battles book
reveals untold story

San Francisco, Calif. - 20 August, 2021 - Superstar author Jack London studied scientific books for years before writing his beloved caveman saga Before Adam, only to be blasted by firestorms of controversy that made him call his dream novel "the most unfortunate book I ever wrote," the one volume he wished he'd never written.

The untold story-by turns surprising, hilarious, and heartbreaking-of the stunning attacks that drove London to despair is not found in any biography of London. It will be revealed in the new book Jack London's Before Adam Battles: The Media Frenzy Over His "Most Unfortunate Book," to be published August 21.

Literary detective Vince Emery uncovered London's Before Adam struggles, collecting 221 news stories, reviews, advertisements, and letters arguing over Jack London and his prehistoric novel. "They range from glowing adoration to vitriolic hatred to laugh-out-loud comedy," said Emery. "They are just too entertaining not to share with Jack London fans."

Jack London's Before Adam Battles: The Media Frenzy Over His "Most Unfortunate Book" will be published August 21 by Vince Emery Productions (, available on Amazon, eBay, and in selected bookstores. The first edition, first printing is limited to 100 copies, numbered and signed by editor Emery.

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Jack London's Before Adam Battles: The Media Frenzy Over His Most Unfortunate Book, edited by Vince Emery
Publication date: August 21, 2021
Trade paperback; 348 pages; 26 photographs and illustrations.
$29.95 U.S./$35.95 Canada; ISBN 978-0-9855053-5-6

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