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Where to buy our books

If you are a bookstore or other bookseller
Please visit our page for booksellers for detailed information.

If you want to buy our books online
You can buy our books online at these websites:

If you want to buy our books in a store
These retail stores do the best job of keeping our titles in stock:
  • City Lights Booksellers, San Francisco
  • Green Apple Books, San Francisco
  • M Is for Mystery, San Mateo
  • The Mysterious Bookshop, New York
  • The Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale
  • Powells City of Books, Portland
  • Seattle Mystery Bookshop, Seattle
  • You can also buy our books at these stores:

    If you want to order our books over the telephone
    Your copies of our books are only a phone call away, thanks to these merchants:
    • Independent Publishers Group (IPG), toll-free (800) 888-4741 or(312) 337-0747
    • M Is for Mystery, (650) 401-8077, or toll-free outside the Bay Area (888) 405-8077
    • Murder One, +44 (0) 1923 438 335
    • The Mysterious Bookshop, (800) 352-2840 toll-free
    • Mystery Loves Company, toll-free (800) 538-0042 or (410) 276-6708
    • The Poisoned Pen, toll-free (888) 560-9919 or (480) 947-2974
    • Powell's City of Books, toll-free (866) 201-7601, or in the Portland, Oregon area, (503) 228-0540
    • Seattle Mystery Books, (206) 587-5737
    • Ziesing's Books, (530) 474-1580

    If you are a book club member
    Of our books, only Lost Stories by Dashiell Hammett has been selected by book clubs. It is available from both of these clubs:

    If you want books for a library
    Our titles are carried by most companies that sell to libraries in the United States and Canada, and by several library specialists in the rest of the world:

    If you are with an academic or educational institution
    • With its extensive resources, notes, index, and bibliography, Discovering The Maltese Falcon and Sam Spade is a valuable text for courses on detective fiction, mystery fiction, American literary history, film noir, cinema history, and the censorship of literature and films.
    • Hammett's Moral Vision is one of the most important critical works on Dashiell Hammett and hard-boiled fiction, and includes extensive footnotes, an index, and a 10-page bibliography.
    • Lost Stories has been used for a course on Twentieth-Century American literature.
    • The Dashiell Hammett Tour includes a biography of Hammett, an index of streets and addresses, a traditional index, and a 15-page annotated bibliography. This book is recommended for courses on northern California history and literary history.

    Independent Publishers Group (IPG) and its subsidiary River North Editions represent our titles for classroom use.

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