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The Harvey Milk Interviews:
In His Own Words

by Harvey Milk


Jim Piechota, Bay Area Reporter
"A new book compiling 39 verbatim interviews deserves the red carpet treatment for anyone interested in absorbing unrehearsed, unfettered text in Milk's own words. Studded with photographs and front-page stills that further enhance Milk's testimony, the book chronologically tells the emotional history of this unforgettable, one-of-a-kind gay advocate. Milk's message is a strong one, and throughout these conversations his personality shines and often bubbles over with enthusiasm. Emery includes a cavalcade of intensive, eye-opening interviews . . . The fiery volley between Milk and Briggs is amazing to read."

Alex Lubischer, Windy City Times
"The Briggs debate portion of Interviews is as exciting as it is informative. The verbal sparring between Briggs and Milk reads like a teleplay. These and other passages are marked by Milk's superb wit."
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Tom Eubanks, Lambda Literary Review
"With the publication of The Harvey Milk Interviews, editor Vince Emery humanizes the slain politician. Angry, intelligent, and wickedly funny, Milk comes to glorious life. . . . Milk's eloquent words should be memorized by anyone who needs ammunition at hetero-political family gatherings. They also made me laugh out loud."

Jen Colletta, Philadelphia Gay News
"The Harvey Milk Interviews gives a voice to the late pioneer. The work is a fascinating look at the personal beliefs and political ideals of Milk . . . eye-opening . . . especially powerful and empowering for younger generations."

Carol Ruth Silver, seatmate of Harvey Milk on San Francisco's Board of Supervisors
"This book is a great read. It makes Harvey's words and ideas come alive. And most of the pictures have never been seen before. Thank you for this book."

Matthew Hays, Gay & Lesbian Review
"The Harvey Milk Interviews [is] an inviting collection of interviews with and speeches by Milk himself. His sheer optimism and determination make for invigorating reading. This fascinating book gives us more insight into just what a political genius Milk was. Not lost here was Milk's manic wit, a powerful weapon against his often humorless, dour enemies. I laughed out loud."

Jerry L. Wheeler, Out in Print
"These interviews reveal a witty, committed man driven by a strong sense of personal responsibility ... You’ll laugh, you’ll think, and you’ll come away inspired all over again."

Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen
"In this wonderful collection ... we see the human Milk and hear his words, if only in our mind, and they are powerful and funny, real and important. The book does something else and for this alone it is a reason to have it. Most of us are well aware of what and who Harvey Milk was but I would also state that we have never considered why and how he became such a man. There was more than one 'why,' and by reading the man in his own words you will quickly answer that question."

InsightOut Book Club
"These off-the-cuff, unguarded conversations with Harvey Milk allow readers a rare and extraordinarily intimate glimpse into the psyche of this pioneering activist and politician. The Harvey Milk Interviews provides a dense, in-depth portrait of Milk's screwy sense of humor, as well as the anger, ambition, and insatiable taste for dramatic confrontation that defined the man. This volume collects nearly forty interviews with newspapers, radio, and television in which Milk opened up about his personal struggles, political stategies, and the hopes and dreams that sprung him into action."

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