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Babes in the Wood:
The Lost Stone-Age Sequel
to Jack London's
Before Adam

by George Sterling

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: Jack London, George Sterling, and Their Cave Man Chronicles
by Vince Emery

   1. Two Presenters of our Paleolithic Past
   2. Jack London's Before Adam Battles
   3. A Forest Interlude
   4. More Before Adam Battles
   5. Back to the Stone Age

   1. The Sabre-Tooth
   2. The Pool of Pitch
   3. Naa-Shus the Man-Ape
   4. The Trapping of Rhoom
   5. The Wrath of Lions
   6. The Involuntary Exile
   Epilog: The Old Hunter Remembers

How Babes in the Wood Was Restored

Further Reading: An Opinionated Guide

Notes for "Jack London, George Sterling, and Their Cave Man Chronicles"


About the Authors

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With 17 illustrations by Charles Livingston Bull from Before Adam and 19 photographs;
200 pages.
Trade paperback edition publication date July 20, 2020, $19.95 U.S./$24.95 Canada, ISBN 978-0-9725898-7-1

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