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The Dashiell Hammett Tour:
Thirtieth Anniversary Guidebook

by Don Herron

Table of Contents

Preface: Back Where I Might Have Been by Jo Hammett

Introduction: Hammett's San Francisco: On The Trail of Sam Spade by Charles Willeford

PART ONE: Dashiell Hammett: A Brief Biography
   Timeline of Hammett's San Francisco Residences

PART TWO: The Dashiell Hammett Tour

Overall Map
Walking Map #1
Driving Map #1

   1. 200 Larkin: Hammett's Reading Room
   2. Civic Center park: Kid's Playground
   3. City Hall: Politics and Murder
   4. 580 McAllister: Whosis Kid Gundown
   5. Redwood Alley: Unexpected Palm Tree
   6. 408 Turk: TB Flare-Up
   7. 620 Eddy: Blackmasking

   The Puzzle of the City Streets

   8. Blanco's: Dain Curse Cuisine
   9. 811 Geary: Stalking Sam Spade
   10. 891 Post: Sam's Place

   The Puzzle of Spade and the Falcon

Walking Map #2
Driving Map #2

   11. 1309 Hyde: Big Knockover
   12. 1155 Leavenworth: Writer at Last
   13. 1201 California: Brigid's Place

   The Puzzle of the Blocked Writer

   14. Dashiell Hammett Street: Street Cred
   15. 20 Monroe: Ad Man
   16. Stockton Tunnel: Death by Night
   17. Burritt Street: Crime Scene

   The Puzzle of the Billboard and the Brick

   18. 111 Sutter: Spade & Archer

Walking Map #3
Driving Map #3

   19. Sir Francisc Drake Hotel: Gunsel and Gutman
   20. St. Francis Hotel: Fatty Arbuckle
   21. Geary Theatre: Pound of Flesh
   22. Clift Hotel: Sherlock Slept Here
   23. Bellevue Hotel: Cairo's Place
   24. Floyd Thursby's Apartment: Dead Gangster
   25. 120 Ellis: Tying the Knot
   26. 114 Powell: Wife to Be
   27. Samuels Street Clock: Diamond Days
   28. 870 Market: Pinkerton's Man

   The Puzzle of the Jobs and the Years

   29. John's Grill: Chop House
   30. Off-Tour Hammett Sites

            Other Hammett Sites Map

            A. Pickwick Hotel: Black Bird Hideaway
            B. Old Mint: Big Knockover Inspiration?
            C. Remedial Loan: Brigid Hocks Her Jewels
            D. Julius Castle: Spade's Other Lunchspot
            E. Waverly Place and Spofford Alley: Chinatown Action
            F. Portsmouth Square: Stevenson Monument
            G & H. Ferry Building and Pier 35: On the Waterfront
            I. Holly Circle: Big Flora's Hideout

AFTERWORD: Notes from Thirty Years Up and Down the Mean Streets

Sources: Annotated Bibliography
Index of Streets and Addresses
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The Dashiell Hammett Tour is the fourth title in The Ace Performer Collection, a new series of books by and about Dashiell Hammett, crowned "the ace performer" by his disciple Raymond Chandler.

8 maps, 2 illustrations, 60 photographs; 224 pages. Trade hardcover edition publication date March 16, 2009, $19.95 U.S./$24.95 Canada, Hardcover ISBN 978-0-9725898-7-1 SOLD OUT
Paperback ISBN 978-0-9825650-0-1 SOLD OUT

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