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Discovering The Maltese Falcon and Sam Spade:
The Evolution of Dashiell Hammett's Masterpiece,
Including John Huston's Movie with Humphrey Bogart
edited by Richard Layman

Table of Contents

Publications by Dashiell Hammett

Biographical Overview
   Richard Layman, "Dashiell Hammett, 1894-1930"
   Dashiell Hammett, biographical statement, Black Mask, November 1924
Working as a Detective
   James D. Horan, "Pinkerton's in the Twentieth Century," The Pinkertons: The
        Detective Dynasty That Made History
   James Mackay, "When a Man's Partner Is Killed, He's Supposed to Do
        Something about It," Allen Pinkerton: The First Private Eye (1963)
   Hans Gross, "The Investigating Officer," Criminal Investigation: A Practical
         General Considerations
         The Duties of the Investigating Officer
         The Procedure of the Investigating Officer
         On Pathological Lying/Examination of Witnesses and Accused
         Preconceived Theories
         Certain Qualities Essential to an Investigating Officer
         Knowledge of Men
         "Orientation" - Finding His Bearings
         The "Expeditious" Investigating Officer
         Accuracy and Precision in Details
   Thomas S. Duke, "The Murder of George Hill for a Worthless Cluster
        of Imitation Diamonds," Celebrated Criminal Cases of America (1910)
   David Fechheimer, "We Never Sleep," City of San Francisco, 4 November 1975
Hammett's Cases
   The Schaefer Jewel Robbery
        "Hammett Traps Gem Holdup Suspects," San Francisco Call-Bulletin, 26 January 1934
   Sonoma Gold Robbery
         "$125,000 in Gold Coin Stolen on S. F. Liner," San Francisco Examiner,
                23 November 1921.
         "Dream Bares Hiding Place on S. F. Liner," San Francisco Examiner, 29
                November 1921
         Glynn Petrie, "The Looting of the Sonoma," The Californians,
                November-December 1985
Hammett, "From the Memoirs of a Private Detective," The Smart Set, March 1923
Hammett, "Seven Pages"
James H. S. Moynahan, "Dashiell Hammett Confesses!"
Hammett's Twenty-Four Commandments, "The Crime Wave," New York Evening
, 7 June and 3 July 1930
San Francisco Years
   Jo Hammett, "Remembering Father," Dashiell Hammett: A Daughter Remembers (2001)
   Hammett, "Diamond Dress," Samuels Jewelers advertisement
   Elizabeth Sanderson, "Ex-Detective Hammett," The Bookman, January-February 1933

Black Mask

   William F. Nolan, "History of a Pulp: The Life and Times of Black Mask," The
        Black Mask Boys: Masters in the Hard-Boiled School of Detective Fiction
   Joseph T. Shaw, "As I Was Saying," Black Mask, January 1927
  Shaw, "As I Was Saying," Black Mask, February 1927
   Shaw, letter to Hammett, 22 July 1927
   Shaw, editorial statement, Black Mask, October 1927
   Shaw, Introduction to The Hard-Boiled Omnibus: Early Stories from Black Mask (1946)
   Milton Shaw, "Dashiell Hammett: One of the Early Masketeers"
   Lester Dent, letter to Philip Durham, 27 October 1958
From Shaw's Scrapbook
   Shaw, letter, Writer's Digest, October 1930
   "Among the New Books," article on Shaw developing writers, circa 1931
   Clipping from the El Paso Times, 24 May 1931
   "The New School of Mystery Writing," El Paso Times, 31 May 1931
  "An Editor Unburdens Himself Somewhat," El Paso Times, 13 September 1931
   Ed Bodin, "An Interview with Joseph T. Shaw," The Author and Composer, August 1932
On Contemporary Detective Fiction
   Hammett, "Poor Scotland Yard!" The Saturday Review of Literature, 15 January 1927
   Hammett, "Current Murders," The Saturday Review of Literature, 21 May 1927
   Hammett, Review of Reminiscences of an Ex-Detective, The Saturday Review
        of Literature
, 10 December 1927
   Hammett, Review of Mysteries of the Missing, The Saturday Review of
, 11 February 1928
   Hammett, Review of Great Detectives and Their Methods, Saturday Review of
, 21 April 1928
   Henry Seidel Canby, "Throw Out the Detective," The Saturday Review of
, 1 December 1928
Hammett, "The Crime Wave;" excerpts of reviews for the New York Evening Post
   Review of Mary Roberts Rinehart's The Door, 5 April 1930
   Review of Philip MacDonald's The Noose, 12 April 1930
   Review of Kay Cleaver Strahan's Death Traps, 26 April 1930
   Review of Edgar Wallace's The Hand of Power, 3 July 1930
   Review of Basil King's the Break of Day, 19 July 1930
   Review of Paul Selver's Private Life, 20 September 1930
   Review of Earl Derr Biggers' Charlie Chan Carries On, 11 October 1930
Writing for the Pulps: Excerpts from the Stories
   Hammett, Introduction to the Modern Library edition (1934)
   Joel Cairo
         Hammett, "The Main Death," Black Mask, June 1927
   Brigid O'Shaughnessy
           Hammett, inscription in Red Harvest to Peggy O'Toole
   Casper Gutman
           Hammett, character descriptions from unfinished novel The Secret Emperor
           Hammett, Mr.s Gungen's Reading from "The Main Death"
           Hammett, "Ruffian's Wife," Sunset Magazine, October 1925
    "Bad Business"
           Hammett, excerpt from "Who Killed Bob Teal?" True Detective Mysteries,
                November 1924, and an excerpt from The Maltese Falcon
    "You know I'm not all bad, don't you?"
           Hammett, excerpt from "The Whosis Kid," The Black Mask, March 1925, and
                an excerpt from The Maltese Falcon
           Shaw, "Not Guilty," Black Mask
           Jo Hammett, "Father Tells the Flitcraft Story," Dashiell Hammett:
                A Daughter Remembers

           Hammett, "The Boundaries of Science and Philosophy"
    "But I've got the falcon"
           Hammett, excerpt from "The House on Turk Street," The Black Mask, April
                1924, and an excerpt from The Maltese Falcon
           Hammett, A Dislike for Murder
    "You needed another protector"
           Hammett, excerpt from "Who Killed Bob Teal?" and an excerpt from
                The Maltese Falcon
    "I won't play the sap for you"
           Hammett, excerpt from "The Girl with the Silver Eyes," the Black Mask, June 1924
           Hammett, excerpt from "The Gutting of Couffignal," The Black Mask,
                December 1925, and an excerpt from The Maltese Falcon
Sam Spade's San Francisco
   Joe Gores, "A Foggy Night," City of San Francisco, 4 November 1975
   Mike Humbert, "A Location Guide to Places in The Maltese Falcon"
History and the Falcon
   Joseph Attard, "In Palestine, Cyprus, and Rhodes," The Knights of Malta (1992)
   Hammett, Gutman Begins
   Attard, "The Knights in Malta," The Knights of Malta
   Pawlu Mizzi, "Philippe Villiers de l'Isle-Adam," The Grand Masters of Malta
   Hammett, The Tribute
   Hammett, A Pirate's Booty
   Lady Frances Verney, "The Half Brothers, Sir Francis and Sir Edmund Verney,"
        Memoirs of the Verney Family During the Civil War (1892)

Contract for Red Harvest, The Dain Curse, and The Maltese Falcon
The Editing of the Novel
   Hammett, letter to Harry Block, 16 June 1929
   Hammett, letter to Block, 14 July 1929
   A Matter of Pronunciation: Knopf, Inc., and the Title
           Block, letter to Hammett, 6 August 1929
           Alfred A. Knopf, letter to Hammett, 16 June 1931
   Hammett, letter to block, 31 August 1929
From Black Mask to Book
   Black Mask pages from September 1929 installment compared to pages 1-8 of the novel
   Black Mask pages from October 1929 installment compared to pages 72-80 of the novel
   Black Mask pages from January 1930 installment compared to pages 258-265 of the novel
Dust Jackets of Early Printings
The Contemporary Response
   Elrick B. Davis, "New Hammett Book So Good It Stumps Critic: 'The Maltese
        Falcon' Is Best Detective Story by Leader in Thriller Field," Cleveland
, 1 February 1930
   Davis, "Mystery Yarns Assume More Literary Trend," Cleveland Press, 6 March 1930
   "Mr. Hammett's Six-Foot Sam (Author of 'Red Harvest' Again Turns Out Mystery
        Tale That Is Literature), Detroit News
   "Taken for a Yokel," Cincinnati Enquirer, 8 February 1930
   Bruce Barton, letter to Hammett, 3 March 1930
   Herbert Asbury, letter to Hammett, 3 February 1930
   Dorothy Parker, letter to Hammett, undated
   Hammett, A First Best Effort (letter to Asbury, 6 February 1930)
   Scott Cunningham, letter to Hammett, 13 February 1930
   Imogene Stanley, letter to Hammett, undated
   Norman W. C. MacDonald, letter to Hammet, 3 March 1930
   Will Cuppy, review of The Maltese Falcon, New York Herald Tribune
, 23 February 1930
   Review of The Maltese Falcon, The New York Times, 23 February 1930
   Ted Shane, "Judging the Books," Judge, 1 March 1930
   Some Mysteries and Grim Tales of Unusual Murders, News (Chattanooga,
        Tennessee), 1 March 1930.
   Donald Douglas, "Not One Hoot for the Law," The New Republic, 9 April 1930
   A Knockout Detective, News, (Oklahoma City), 7 March 1930
   Eugene Cunningham, "The Art and Success of Dashiell Hammett," El Paso
, 9 March 1930
   Frederick Nebel, "The Maltese Falcon," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 21 March 1930
   Hammett, letter to his wife, undated
   Elmer Roessner, "Why Give Crook an Even Break?" New York Telegram, 4 April 1930
   Review of the Maltese Falcon, The Times Literary Supplement, 14 August 1930
   Shaw, "Behind the Mask," Black Mask, June 1930
   An Appreciated Denial, New York Post
   Eugene Cunningham, "Another Hammett Book Coming," El Paso Times, 1 June 1930
   Dorothy Parker, "Oh Look - Two Good Books!" The New Yorker, 25 April 1931
   Lewis Gannett, "A Boy's Choice" from "Books and Things," New York Herald
, 16 November 1931
   Introduction and opening of newspaper serialization of Hammett's novel, London
        Evening Standard
, 3 January 1931
A Case of Plagiarism
   "Book Stopped by a Publisher: Similarity Puzzle: Author's Statement,"
        London Daily Express, 1933
   "American Book Published in 1930," The New York Times, 6 September 1933
   "Briton, 21, Admits Plagiary of Novel," The New York Times, 26 September 1933
   "British Bar Sales of Book," The New York Times, 28 September 1933
   "Hammett's Rights Upheld in Britain," The New York Times, 14 October 1933
   Funny Coincidence Department, The New Yorker, 13 July 1948
Joseph C. Lesser, Sales of The Maltese Falcon
Falcon in the Modern Library, News (Galveston, Texas), 1 April 1934

John M. Reilly, "Sam Spade Talking," Clues, Fall-Winter 1980
"Meet This Week's Author," Philadelphia Record, 9 October 1938
Robert Shulman, "Dashiell Hammett's Social Vision," Centennial Review, Fall 1985
Christopher Metress, "Dashiell Hammett and the Challenge of New Individualism: Rereading Red Harvest and The Maltese Falcon," The Cunning Craft: Original Essays on Detective Fiction (1990)
Jasmine Yong Hall, "Jameson, Genre, and Gumshoes: The Maltese Falcon as Inverted Romance," The Cunning Craft
Paul P. Abrahams, "On Re-Reading The Maltese Falcon," Journal of American Culture, Spring 1995
R. H. Miller, "The Emperor's Gift, or, What Did the Knights Give the Emperor?" Studies in American Culture, 1998
Vince Emery, "Hammettisms in The Maltese Falcon," 2003 (Click title to read this item.)

Hammett after The Maltese Falcon
   Joseph T. Shaw, affidavit declaring the circumstances of his purchase rights to The Maltese Falcon
   Hammett, first pages of Sam Spade story, American Magazine, October 1932
   "Dashiell Hammett Jailed in Contempt," 1951
Three Movies
Making the First Movie

   Clipping from The New York Times, 3 March 1931
   Darryl F. Zanuck, memo, 2 April 1931
   Manuscript of revised ending
   Roy Del Ruth, note requesting script revisions
   Final budget
   Reviews of the First Maltese Falcon Movie
       "Mystery Galore," The New York Times, 29 May 1931
       Review of The Maltese Falcon, Variety, 2 June 1931
   Marguerite Tazelaar, "A Private Detective Does His Stuff in Hollywood," New York Herald Tribune, 12 November 1933
   Hal Wallis, memo, 27 June 1934
Making Satan Met a Lady
   Henry Blanke, memo to Wallis, 27 May 1935
   Joseph Breen, memo to Jack Warner, 4 June 1935
   Breen, memo to Jack Warner, 27 November 1935
   Walter MacEwen, memo to R. J. Obringer with response from Obringer, 5 December 1935
   MacEwen, memo to Warner, 9 July 1936
   Studio credits and synopsis for Satan Met a Lady, 1 July 1936
   Credits, Variety, 29 July 1936
   Reviews of Satan Met a Lady
       "At the Strand," The New York Times, 23 July 1936
       Review of Satan Met a Lady, Variety, 29 July 1936
Making Huston's Maltese Falcon
   List of possible cast choices, 19 May 1941
   Breen, memo to Warner, 27 May 1941
   Final budget, 3 June 1941
   John Huston, memo to Wallis, 13 June 1941
   Al Alleborn, memo to T. C. Wright, 18 June 1941
   Alleborn, memo to Wright, 19 July 1941
   On the Set
        Mary Astor, "Shall we talk about the Black Bird?" Mary Astor: A Life on Film (1971)
        "Warners' 'Maltese Falcon' Set at a Glance"
   Promotional flyer
Reviews of Huston's Movie
    Review of The Maltese Falcon, Variety, 1 October 1941
    Bosley Crowther, "The Maltese Falcon, a Fast Mystery-Thriller with Quality
        and Charm, at the Strand," The New York Times, 4 October 1941
    Richard Griffith, "Maltese Falcon Rated Top 'Number' in New York, 13 October 1941
    Philip K. Scheuer, "Thrillers at Warners Rated Hits," 1941
Analyzing a Classic
    Leslie H. Abramson, "Two Birds of a Feather: Hammett's and Huston's
        The Maltese Falcon," Literature/Film Quarterly, 1988
    William Luhr, "Tracking The Maltese Falcon: Classical Hollywood Narration
        and Sam Spade," Close Viewings: An Anthology of New Film Criticism (1990)
    Peter P. Gillis, "An Anomaly in The Maltese Falcon," ANQ, Summer 1995
    Steven H. Gale, "The Maltese Falcon: Melodrama or Film Noir?"
        Literature/Film Quarterly, 1996
Layman, "Huston's Black Bird"
Play Productions
   First page of contract between Hammett and Benjamin Glazer
   Title page and staging note for Laurence Stalling's "Here's to Crime"
    "'Maltese Falcon' Script Completed," New York Herald Tribune, 12 March 1931
Radio Broadcasts and Series
   First page of contact granting radio rights for the broadcast of the screenplay
        of The Maltese Falcon, 5 June 1946
   The Case of The Adventures of Sam Spade
   Hammett, affidavit, United States District Court, Southern District of
        New York, 20 September 1948
   First page of a radio script for The Adventures of Sam Spade, 9 July 1946
   Dashiell Hammett's The Adventures of Sam Spade comic strip advertisement
   John Crosby, Sam Spade's style stirs up new crime detection angle," New
        York Herald Tribune

   Delle Hunter, "Hero by Hammett"
   Jane Pelgram, "The Duff Caper"

Selected Publications of The Maltese Falcon
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